Considering the special position of oil industry in Iran, unique oil field of Persian Gulf, coastal countries and […]

There are six subsidiaries in the field of shipbuilding, repair and offshore industries which are managed by a […]

Iran Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries complex (ISOICO) is a reliable and well-known industrial and economical area which has […]

Persia Hormoz

Persia Hormoz

ارائه خدمات انبار داری

برخورداری از تسهیلات منطقه ویژه اقتصادی

اسکله های تخلیه و بارگیری

انتقال و صادرات محصولات نفتی و مواد معدنی

منطقه ويژه اقتصادي كشتي‌سازي خلیج فارس

ارائه خدمات پشتیبانی به کلیه واحدهای مجتمع

  1. Design, engineering, construction and installation (EPCI) of all types of jackets and gas platforms
  2. Basic & detailed design and construction of all types of offshore and onshore oil and gas platforms (jackets, ……., refineries up to 35000 tons per year)
  3. Construction and repair of Jack-ups
  1. Basic & detail design of vessels of various types by means of TRIBON, AUTOSHOP & ANSYS software
  2. Preparing workshops and production drawing plans by means of TRIBON & AUTOCAD
  3. Construction of 4 vessels up to 80000 DWT annually
  4. Design, construction and repair of all types of vessels up to 3000 DWT (Katamaran, fishing, passenger, landing craft, barge, ….)
  5. Design and Construction of all types of LNG, VLCC,LPG (2 vessels annually) and repair (20 vessels annually) up to 300000 DWT
  6. General services, steel work, blasting & painting, piping and valves as well as repair & overhaul of rudder, shaft, propellers, electrical system, engines, firefighting equipment, pumps, generators, communication system, navigation system
  7. Ability to repair 70 to 80 vessels of all types annually
  8. Repair of 60 vessels up to 80000 DWT per year
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